Monday, 4 June 2012

Dear Ms. Confused, 

You may not notice but you have developed indifference with your mom. I know that there were times when you would have wanted that it was your mom who attended your school conferences and not your dad. You might not have said a word about it but it nurtured resentment in your heart. You pretended that you did not mind at all  the many  times she refused you, but actually you hated that about her. Reasoning with your mom right now would not help, but for sure she also had reasons for not pursuing a relationship with you. Nevertheless, for all her shortcomings as a mother to you and as my child I still love her as much as I love you. I am never impatient with all of you no matter how many times you refuse me. Please have compassion for your mom. You are blessed with time since you won't lose her untimely. You still have time to show her that she is also special to you, but you have to forgive her first. 

My child, none of you is perfect. All of you have fallen short of my glory (Romans 3:23) yet I made the greatest sacrifice for you. You know that don't you (John 3:16)? My forgiveness I give to all but before I do, it is my heart's desire that you forgive those that hurt you too (Matt. 6:14). Allow my love for you to spring in your heart so that it will be easier for you to forgive your mother. Regrets only happen to people who procrastinate over time and to those with so much pride. Forgiving those who hurt you and asking forgiveness from those you hurt are liberating. So choose freedom. 

As what I instructed you in Matt. 5:4," leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to them; then come and offer your gift." 

Take heed to avoid regrets.

Loving you sincerely, 


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