Monday, 4 June 2012

Dear God,

I was told that you listen to every word that we say. Nothing escapes your gaze, and that you never tire at looking at how we spend our day. Many of my friends tell me that you are just everywhere. I can be at all places and you will also be there. I gather you must really have great powers. How can you possibly be at two places, Oh, not just two but be at all places at the same. That is really something! But you know what? I still doubt your awesomeness, or shall I say greatness. Well, if you really are what people tell me, why can’t you just be with those people you look at and listen to moment by moment on a personal level?  To me, you are like what some people are, so close yet so far. My heart agonizes over the hurts of people. I sometimes say to myself, If I were God, I wouldn’t have stayed distant, that I would have relieved those who hurt so much by making my presence felt, better yet gave them the desires of their hearts. Well, I can only guess that you are not like that.  So, why bother isn’t it? But being the person who believes in possibilities, I couldn’t just let things happen this way to people. Something must be done for them. So here I am pleading before you to do something.

I may not be a firm believer of you, but I really am hoping that you will take heed. Be a mover and part of our life for real, will you?

Yours truly,


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