Saturday, 22 April 2017

Pride Eats Joy Away

     When people say bad things about us, our human nature tells us to fight back or get even. We simply cannot let a harm done pass without doing a similar harm or inflicting more pain. "An eye for an eye," Let that be the law! We emphasize that we be respected or that we be treated fairly. But why do we also do the same act to people who from our point of view are lower in stature than us? 

    Double standard creeps in our society, undeniably giving those who have titles both in the government and corporate world, the rich, and those earning big a deep sense of entitlement. Moreover, when these people feel threatened or harmed, you will hear some of them say right to your face, "Do you know who I am?" However, this type of behavior does not only happen to people in the higher echelon of our society, this can also be gleaned from those of humble origins. A little or even a significant increase in one's position or educational attainment, can cause a person to behave as if someone's life depends on him or her alone.

     Taking pride of our achievements is good. Perhaps  some  of our stories are for the books, but how well do we take promotions in life? As a middle-aged woman, I must have met people whose egos are as big the moon and the sun, myself included. I tell you it is not comfortable to be around these types of people. Looking back, I could not imagine how badly must have I hurt somebody for my condescending attitude. (If you are reading this, and you are one of them, please accept my deepest apology). 

   Pride consumes us as well as false humility-acting meekly yet the mind suggests the otherwise. Regardless of who and what are, we fall prey to these two. How not to let these sordid emotions take a foothold in us as would the devil desire is a matter of choice. It is difficult to be always cordial and pleasant when someone is not or live in peace when one provokes you to a fight. I cringe over the thought of just sitting back or staying put, for it simply isn't me! Against my nature all right, but I struggle not to let revenge or hate reside in me because I don't want my joy to be stolen and I also fear greatly hitting rock bottom by being proud and haughty. Proverbs 16:17-19 writes, "The highway of the upright avoids evil; those who guard their ways preserve their lives. Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. Better to be lowly in spirit along with the oppressed than to share plunder with the proud."

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Love Remains

We often hear people saying, " You never learned at all," to a love one or a friend who had repeatedly whined or clamored about being fooled or hurt all over again,. For some odd reasons, that person has the tendency of repeating the same old mistakes. Crying over a friend's shoulder or listening to a litany of advice have become a chore. The cycle of pain and regret starts all over again. Grieves a little or linger a while longer, but when you thought you are fine, you still are not.

Psychologists have varied explanations on why some people tend to repeat the same mistakes. Freud. if he were to answer a question relating to why some people repeat the same mistakes would only have to let the person recall how his nurture and nature were on the first six years of life, and answers  can be had. Others say that those who never learn at all actually have lesser brain activity, that  processing complex situations and ideas are their weakest characteristic.

The question is, do we really need to be cerebral on this? Can we just say people and emotions are most often than not complicated? What we thought had been forgotten in the past do not leave us. The thought patterns in our heads take an auto pilot once a similar incident or memory surfaces. It remains to be there until the one who has been in that bondage of repeats. boldly decides to take a different path.  

Math is an exact science. That 1 + 1 is equals to 2. This might have received a twist in the sci-fi movie, "Lucy" that what we thought was an exact science can be configured but to most of us a certain math problem however the steps taken will still yield the same answer. Unless we actually change the formula all together will we be able to arrive at a different answer.

My take? Doing the same mistakes meant, we cannot accept that one-sided result that we were not wanted and that somebody was favored. That feeling of rejection corrodes the very core of the human psyche that envisioning a major revenge becomes an escape.

What is true? Overtime all that hurt, all that pent-up emotions that derailed us, and all those incidents that made us crazy at one time or two will wear away. What will stay after the lapse of time will be the memory of how that person and yourself were before things got bad.

Time heals no wounds, it just removes the pain. Moving forward becomes an eventuality because we don't have much choice at all but to grow up and learn. No matter how much we try to forget past hurts we simply cannot, but to live with the reality that it had to happen for a reason is far more bearable.

When all else fails, Love remains. 

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Good Riddance

You created a web for me to cling on
Crafted with golden silk
It glowed and spoke of time.
Not bothered  by the elements
Danced and swayed in melody
Perfect piece made unparalled.

I lay to feel the warmth the web gave
Its scents when turned mesmerized
My senses idled, hushed not even a word.
Peculiar was the stitch but it held
Mirrored intimate moment divine
A shudder to the spine escapes every time

Threatened by the impending wear and tear
I rolled myself around and secured
Wishing for the web would still hold.
But force relented,  the web snapped
I fell hard, my head cleared
                                         "Good Riddance," I heard and smiled.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

I Believe

When circumstances are fine, you are fine with the world, but when they turn sour and bleak, you only have yourself. By nature, we gravitate toward people who are doing well in life. Who wouldn't be? We kinda wonder what made them the successful persons that they are. Thus, when motivational speakers visit our country, even it is for an expensive fee, we try our best to be there just to listen to whatever they have to say.

Nothing wrong with being in it, but you see, the final say to what we would become will not come from anyone. Neither of ourselves but the Lord. We have weaknesses all right, they who speak about how they became greater than most of us had also been through struggles themselves. 

How did they make a difference? They identified where they were bad at and canceled them out by the renewing of their minds. They decided upon themselves that they deserve better from their life and that their present circumstances could not let them limit their chances to becoming great. They all made a choice, a plan, lived out their choice and worked out their plans. But the question is, who was the object of their success? Was it they or the Lord?

Fortitude and hard work may be the keys to wealth, but the renewal comes from knowing and believing who holds and keeps the unlimited source of hope, strength, and love- JESUS. We all get tired in time, despite the  abilities that we posses. The overcomers however have these things  in common: a personal relationship with Jesus and imitators of HIM. 

Romans 8:28
"And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."

Thursday, 23 April 2015

I Choose

Misery happens to anyone. Time and again it never lets a day, week, month, or a year pass without feeling lonely and sad. Life brings in all sorts of disappointments. 

If we were to count, there are more sad stories than happy ones. Then again, the truth about our lives becoming what we think still hold. It grows or stunts depending on what we put IN it.. 

As the saying goes, "What we choose yesterday becomes our success or failure today." I don't want to be miserable, this is my choice. What about yours? 

Monday, 20 April 2015

Love Yourself

        We all need each other to do things. Two heads are always better than one. One person's talents need to complement that of the other. Wanting to be alone which at some point become necessary yet, we would still want to be with somebody. However, when that complementing has been abused and overemphasized, the need for a respite from the other or another becomes inevitable. 

     It only takes a day or even less to know what your worth is to the person.. We then go back to saying to ourselves, love yourself and love GOD even more... HE is more than enough...

Friday, 27 March 2015

Lessons from a Bar Flunker

Setbacks come naturally to life, perhaps second to breathing. The unfortunates will even get a shrill experience of the "Murphy's Law," that when things go bad it will just be. Dazed in amazement over the intensity of some issues, one can only shake his head and wonder. Inaccurate might the prospects of them seeping into our systems, struggles can either pierce our whole being or embolden us to create that better person in us.

I guess when it comes to experiencing failures I have become an authority. I used to be getting A's  from elementary to college. Government exams were not even too difficult to pass. I have not felt any tinge of inadequacy because I seemed to do well each time I took the test. But when I went to the College of Law things changed for me. 

Gone are the days when I would be getting A's. My grades were insanely bad. My professors wondered why I even enrolled in the law school when I seemed to lack the ability to even survive first year law. But as you can see, I still finished the course but the final test to whether or not the concepts were retained and mastered, the Bar exams had to be passed. I thought I knew the basics but the examiners thought otherwise so I failed. The first time I took it and failed was not as painful as I did the second time because it felt like I did not learn anything at all

The whole experience cut my heart and my mind was gripped with all disparaging words about myself like, " So you are smart? So I thought." "Your luster has died and you are no good." What could be worse than thinking that those people that I hurt in the past were just so jubilant about my failures. Magnified in my thoughts are their sneers and insults. My self- esteem plummeted. 

But how did I surmount my pitiful condition and started hoping and desiring again to take the Bar exams? Let me share to you the things that I forced myself to do in order to put my hopeful prospects back. 

  1. Acknowledge the need need to be strengthened. When adversities befall us we tend to live a hermit life. We shy away from people even to trusted friends for fear that we would be ridiculed. Doing this however will cost us our own happiness and will further lead us to despair. Go out and look for your trusted friends. Share to them what you feel and honestly ask for their prayers. I did just that, the comfort that I got after was exhilarating.
  2. Reconcile with God. Right after I failed the exams, I asked the Lord so many questions. Like I blamed Him for not honoring my prayers or even rewarding me for my efforts, I would reason in my head, that I  deserved to pass because I worked very hard for it. I invested so many sleepless nights for it, I knew I studied very hard too; all to no avail. I cried alone, grieving over God's decision. Even a firm believer like me despaired. But who am I to question the Lord? He knows the future! Jesus, who began the good work in us will be faithful to complete it. He will send people either to teach us or propel us to minister on God's unfailing love, similar to what He did to me. God is sovereign. He cannot be dictated upon. Being the creator that He is, He knows our very being and powerfully discerns what is best for us; so when what we prayed for remained unanswered, be still and ask for divine understanding. We might not immediately understand why bad things happen to us, we need to trust in the Lord because He is too good to be unkind. The safest place to be in when situations become unreasonable is in God's arms. 
  3. Restore your self-worth. No one has the right to belittle you. It can only be so if you yourself  tolerated others to look down on you. However, the best assurance that we can hold on to is the truth about God's unconditional love, that whatever and however we become, He will take us to Himself unconditionally. Remember the cross. Jesus died for your sins and mine. He even became sin himself to offer to us His greatest sacrifice, His own life for our salvation. Aren't we so special to God? Acknowledging who Jesus is and the sacrifices that He endured will revive our hearts' desires and brighten our chances for better opportunities, that regardless of the hurtful remarks people say about us, it is definitely not the same with how Jesus thought of us. The abundance of His loving kindness will be ours to have and enjoy if only we would also take Him in our lives. Be confident in the Lord because He is a father that restores.
While failures are admittedly part of our lives, we can't do anything much but pray for God's leading.  Ask the Lord for wisdom and strength and intelligently learn from those painful experiences. Will I still take the bar exams again? Hmmm... Why not?