Thursday, 7 June 2012


The road has widened but the path has narrowed
The world was made closer but I am still lost
I can talk freely but not clearly
I can sing a song but idly I'd be

Myriad are my thoughts but I still don't understand
Views are a plenty but forever be diversified 
Oblivious people I thought they see
Truths that swarm but are so dead to fly.

Colorful lives left to waste
Indifference of high degree created a mess
Attached and detached are juxtaposed
Contrasts that spice are too bitter to mold

Loneliness drags to no end
Heaving a sigh of permanence
Relief from wantonness I seek
My heart beats fast but faint.

Blinded was I
Finding no purpose in all that I see
The Almighty set aside
When He is always by my side.

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