Monday, 4 June 2012

Dear God,

Last week, my mom's doctor told me that she has cancer and that she has only a month or so to live. Hearing that made me speechless. I couldn't figure out what emotions to display. I wanted to ask many questions, but I found myself seated in one corner thinking on how I should tell her of her condition or how to treat her now that she could leave us anytime.

I have never been close with my mother. I don't even consider her one of my very important persons, like I can survive a day without talking to her. There was no mother-daughter relationship between us, in fact I never asked her to go school to get my report cards nor let her attend parents' orientation. My dad attended every time anyway. You may find it rather unusual that it was dad who did what mom should have done herself, but I never cared at all. At least then, I thought it was just all right for her not to attend to my needs, but when it became frequent I started dissenting it. Although I recall dad telling me to request mom to attend to my graduation, so I did but she said, she has a very important client call. I never bothered asking her of anything after that and it had been that way since. 

When I shared her condition with everyone, they were devastated. There were tears in their eyes and crying went on for hours. Confused all the more I became because not a tear was shed from my eyes. I could not cry for her because I don't feel anything for her at all. 

A friend told me to pray and ask wisdom from you. I don't know what to do, please help me!

Sincerely yours,


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