Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Warming Hearts

Cesare Paverse, an Italian novelist once said that, we do not remember days, we only remember memories. Years may pass between events but what normally stays in mind are the joys or pain  a certain event has left our memory. Sadly or joyfully our approach to events of togetherness can be predicted from our take on that last event we were in. I guess, when it comes to accepting each other's personalities we don't mature so quickly. Either that we bore a grudge for wrong judgment on us by someone  or that we reached cloud nine because someone encouraged us and said meaningful words to us. If you were to ask me, I would never trade those times that warmed my heart. Those I will keep in my memory bank till God calls me home. There will be bad days all right but I tell you, nothing can compensate an injured pride. Years may pass but that injury will be hardly cured or not at all. If we can just retreat for a second and think before we utter a word that kills, that would be our best gift to ourselves.

If  Paverse were true, then why not create memories that lift the spirit, bring smile to the faces of people, and most importantly warm their hearts.

I am 47 years old , and I am happy to have had wonderful times with you. :)

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