Sunday, 25 January 2015


Calculated steps, I thought I took
Confusion and turmoil were joined
Straining through the light, I did
But darkness engulfed from ahead.

A haughty heart wielded power
Stole my joy till it was spent
My thoughts in total disarray
Wanted to hide even to runaway.

Wretched woman as I was
Clung through a memory remarked.
Incarcerated and wounded my heart
To its recesses I was trapped.

Forgetfulness, a constant companion
Detours to forget I ardently marched on
But the hardest I tried to not remember
Churned my stomach to no end.

Whispers swept my head to turn
In fervent prayers to my knees I fell
To JESUS, who saves who by then was waiting
My life forever be surrendered to HIM.

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