Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Till We Meet Again

Verse 1

I still recall your little hands that open and close at will 

Your chatter that spells words unrecognized, 
But gives unspeakable joy to my heart. 
Your eyes that glare at every noise you hear 
Makes me laugh and even those that are near. 
Your toothless smile warms my heart 
It lightens up my world and makes me so proud. 

Verse 2 

Years have passed you started to be wise. 

You have strong views about things, 
But you are never disrespectful and unkind.
Even though your views are contrary with mine, 
You can send your message across that does not undermine. 
You love to crack jokes and sometimes make fun of me. 
But instead of getting mad at you, I end up laughing with you.

Verse 3 

I can still hear your clamor of pain 

But there wasn't any time you blamed 
The Lord Almighty for this situation you are in. 
Instead you said, “I will survive this and will be well.” 
But sickness made you go ahead anyway. 
I miss you then and I still am missing you. 
Who knows when, but Son, until we meet again. 

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