Saturday, 6 April 2013

Home Is Where the Heart Is

I just  came from a rather short visit to my aunts' place in in Sapang Palay, Bulacan. I couldn't help but be nostalgic. Memories of my youth resurfaced to my conscious mind as if everything happened recently. Looking at the familiar surroundings and seeing some people who from my childhood memory existed reminded me to never be proud and ungrateful because the fiber of my being took its shape in that place. Sapang Palay has become my humility check. Whenever I feel I am too consumed of myself, going home to Sapang Palay makes me reflect of God's goodness; then, we had less materially and were wounded emotionally.

I have moved on and so did my siblings but I guess we cannot just forget the experiences we had in that place. The only difference is that the nagging memories no longer bring pain but thanksgiving. We wouldn't be the people we hoped ourselves to be had we not stayed there and experienced hardships. I need not elaborate on what exactly happened there but as always my heart warms with thankfulness as  I recall the past because God in the midst of all our adversities caused us to have persevering hearts and thriving spirits.

All of us go through trials in varying degrees, trials that the Lord allow us to undergo. Some end  up hurt and emotionally severed for life while others have decided to move on and live fruitful lives. As for me, I decided to forgive. Embedded hurts that have anchored in my heart were freed when I decided to forgive those people responsible for our misfortunes and prayed for them sincerely. Freedom was unleashed. 

Nothing in this world is permanent. Everything shall come and go, including pain and adversities.

Readiness and anticipation are not the solutions to overcome but the belief that all things happen because God has intended them to happen. All for our greater good.

Embrace on what lasts and what truly matters-Jesus does it. Let Him be your home. 

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