Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Love Remains

We often hear people saying, " You never learned at all," to a love one or a friend who had repeatedly whined or clamored about being fooled or hurt all over again,. For some odd reasons, that person has the tendency of repeating the same old mistakes. Crying over a friend's shoulder or listening to a litany of advice have become a chore. The cycle of pain and regret starts all over again. Grieves a little or linger a while longer, but when you thought you are fine, you still are not.

Psychologists have varied explanations on why some people tend to repeat the same mistakes. Freud. if he were to answer a question relating to why some people repeat the same mistakes would only have to let the person recall how his nurture and nature were on the first six years of life, and answers  can be had. Others say that those who never learn at all actually have lesser brain activity, that  processing complex situations and ideas are their weakest characteristic.

The question is, do we really need to be cerebral on this? Can we just say people and emotions are most often than not complicated? What we thought had been forgotten in the past do not leave us. The thought patterns in our heads take an auto pilot once a similar incident or memory surfaces. It remains to be there until the one who has been in that bondage of repeats. boldly decides to take a different path.  

Math is an exact science. That 1 + 1 is equals to 2. This might have received a twist in the sci-fi movie, "Lucy" that what we thought was an exact science can be configured but to most of us a certain math problem however the steps taken will still yield the same answer. Unless we actually change the formula all together will we be able to arrive at a different answer.

My take? Doing the same mistakes meant, we cannot accept that one-sided result that we were not wanted and that somebody was favored. That feeling of rejection corrodes the very core of the human psyche that envisioning a major revenge becomes an escape.

What is true? Overtime all that hurt, all that pent-up emotions that derailed us, and all those incidents that made us crazy at one time or two will wear away. What will stay after the lapse of time will be the memory of how that person and yourself were before things got bad.

Time heals no wounds, it just removes the pain. Moving forward becomes an eventuality because we don't have much choice at all but to grow up and learn. No matter how much we try to forget past hurts we simply cannot, but to live with the reality that it had to happen for a reason is far more bearable.

When all else fails, Love remains. 

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