Sunday, 6 April 2014

Yao Remembered

When I lost Pakity, my first dog from a vehicular incident, I cried the whole day. My friends wondered why I needed to cry that much for a dog. When I cried for Kambang, the pig that I bathed and fed only to be sold to merchants, my lola found it so weird because I eat pork. It took me many years before I decided to care for pets again.

It was in April of 2005 when a friend of my husband gave us a rottweiler puppy. At first I was kind of hesitant of having him because I feared that I might get so attached again and when death for whatever reason comes, I would be devastated again. But Yao was just adorable. My interest of his kind became intense that I researched about him. I knew then that he would become big and fierce. Well, indeed he grew up big. His head was as big as mine. I trained him and became his leader. He was a dreadful sight that people would have second thoughts of coming to our  house. I couldn't unleash him because he could pounce on anyone he did not know. Nevertheless I loved him and I felt loved by him too. I could already hear him bark loudly even if I was a hundred meters or so away from the house. His sense of hearing was so good that the sound of our car coming in would make him bark noisily too.

It was the first quarter of 2010 when he became sickly. He started having wounds that won't heal. Consequent to having wounds, he had fever. He would vomit after eating until he did not eat anymore. We had the Vet come many times to our house since Yao was huge and heavy to be carried. Even after the medications, Yao's condition did not improve, so the Vet told us to do euthanasia on him instead. I cried when I heard that, I said to the the Vet, I couldn't do that and said further that I would just let him die the natural way. Although the Vet informed me that it would be more pitiful to let Yao stay longer because his pain would be greater each time, I did not listen. I decided to take Yao to Binangonan. The travel was too much for him. He was nauseous and was very pale. Looking at how he was pierced my heart. 

My brother  took care of Yao on his last days. On the eve of Pinoy's inauguration as president, Yao died. Although anytime since we left him in Binangonan I knew we would, but hearing the news from my brother that he already died  still brought me to tears. My heart skipped  beats and I was having a hard time breathing. Silly perhaps to some people but even until we buried him I was still crying. It has been three and half years since he left us but I still miss him. This article is for his memory.

I thought I would not have another pet after Yao, but there came Stuart. 

My love for pets taught me valuable lessons in life like to never stop taking risks at  loving even if it meant hurting and to just keep on loving until pain does not hurt anymore..

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